Out of the right combination of nature and sensitivity great human achievements are born. One of them is wine.

Pago los Balancines is a vineyard. It is surrounded by olive trees, hills and mountain ranges, so for us our vocation is very clear, to make quality wines from the vineyard, taking special care over the natural world and the environment in which we live. We make wines that are among the best available, both in Spain and abroad, but we work from a humble perspective, learning with every new step. We take care of the small things as a means of achieving the wine that we have imagined, the wine we have in our minds when we see the grapes on the plant.


What differentiates us from others is having a team that lives for Pago los Balancines, a group of people devoted to the project body and soul.


We make wines with soul and these wines can only be made from grapes that come from vineyards that are treated with as much care and attention as we can muster. We plan each task that we carry out in the vineyard over time, meticulously, thinking out each step in detail according to the year, the climate, the previous harvest and the next one. Our vineyard is worked according to ecological guidelines though our own conviction. This obsession for the vineyard matches our love of nature and our belief that a vineyard treated with great care produces better wines.

Pago los Balancines, wines to enjoy


Pago Los Balancines, an exceptionally benign location.
At a high altitude, between two mountain ranges, our vineyard is caressed by fresh Atlantic breezes on their way to the Mediterranean.